Valley of The Wolves

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Who is Suleyman Cakir in Kurtlar Vadisi? Watch Kurtlar Vadisi with English Subtitles for Free. Valley of the wolves all episodes with english subtitles


Suleyman Cakir was born in 1964 in Ardesen, Rize. The life of Cakir, who was living like a normal child when everything was fine, was changed when his father was killed while performing ablution in the yard of the mosque. Cakir started selling rice on the streets to support his sick mother and his sister who is studying. While selling rice, he was noticed by a cop and beaten. In order to defend Cakir, his sister Derya agrees to be beaten by the cop and Cakır stabs the cop in the back so that nothing would happen to his sister.
Years pass, Cakir is released from prison. Cakir, who started to spread his name in Istanbul, became increasingly famous and attracted the attention of some important people with 3 sensational assassinations. One of them is PSA. Because Cakir’s eye is on the embassy and he is connected to the Council, he is a big key for the operation.

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