Valley of The Wolves

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Elif Eylul was born on February 16, 1979. She lost her father at a young age. While she was fighting for her life with her mother Ayse Eylul and her brother Eren Eylul, she met Ali Candan. The young woman, who has been in love with Ali Candan since her high school years, is shaken by his sudden death. She went through a difficult period with his death, and she tried to get through this period with Nazife Anne, Omer Baba, Deli Hikmet and his close friend Canan Cavan.

Later, she encountered Polat Alemdar and found herself surrounded by the mafia. In all this confusion, she could not predict; Ali Candan and Polat Alemdar were the same person.

No matter how much Elif wants to stay loyal to Ali, Polat has blown her mind. Elif falls in love with Polat Alemdar again, not knowing that he is actually her ex boyfriend. But between lovers there is always a third person; Ali Candan. Elif has never completely given up on him and Polat has always hid the Ali inside him because of his duty.

Elif is a rebellious, fearless, brave and beautiful girl. She is Polat’s weakness, and is constantly used as leverage by his enemies to intimidate him. But Polat always comes to save his beloved one at the last moment. Elif has become the “Tough Yenge” of the underworld with her sharp tongue. She is fearless enough to criticize even Polat when necessary.