Valley of The Wolves

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Who is Polat Alemdar in Kurtlar Vadisi? Watch Kurtlar Vadisi with English Subtitles for Free. Valley of the wolves all episodes with english subtitles


Polat Alemdar is a government official who was trained and educated by Arslan Akbey and has taken an oath to work for the state since his high school years. When he was a child, Omer Candan and Nazife Candan adopted him. He was trained by Arslan Akbey as a state official to serve the Public Security Organization (PSA), which is a state intelligence organization. He is a graduate of Ankara University, Faculty of Politics, Department of International Relations. After his graduation, he worked in Foreign Affairs. Ali Candan has served in many missions, and most recently, he was invited to Istanbul by Aslan Akbey while he was conducting an operation exercise in the UCK camp in Kosovo and was given the most difficult mission of his life; Valley of the Wolves Operation.

The purpose of the mission is to decipher and collapse the Turkish mafia, led by the great council of Mehmet Karahanli. However, in order to destroy the mafia, he has to be shown as dead and take on a new identity with plastic surgery. Ali Candan accepted this operation and had to give up his beloved fiancee Elif Eylul and his loved ones with plastic surgery. Polat Alemdar speaks English, French, Arabic, Russian and Kurdish very well. He specializes in all types of weapons and guns.