Valley of The Wolves

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He is known for his callousness, arguably one of the most prominent characters of the series. He does whatever he wants, he’s from the street. The meaning of his name is ‘death’.


All those who watch the valley of the wolves have heard the name Muradi laughs. In the series that left its mark on a period, Gürkan Uygun portrayed the life of Muradi Güler, that is, the life of his beloved deceased. The fact that Muradi Güler, who has a lot of influence and weight in the world, is not a media person and stays away from the media, has caused him not to be a well-known personality among the public. To tell the truth, Güler is quite superior in the world and has the characteristics of his brothers, among more than one name whose names are circulating in the media in the market. However, this situation of Güler is not known to the public. We have endless respect for Muradi Güler’s decision to stay away from the media, saying that he knows everything. Muradi Güler’s preference to stay in the background has forced us, like everyone else who wants to learn about Güler, in our research. Because there is almost no comprehensive information about it anywhere. In our article, I will convey the information we have reached about Muradi Güler as much as we can. Muradi Güler was born on 20 November 1960 in the Rüştü village of Bayburt. He is originally from Bayburt in the identity card, but he is closely related to the Kılıçören villagers of Gümüşhane. One part of the Güler family is from Rüştü and another part is from Kılıçören. It is not known why the family has records in two different villages. Muradi Güler is married and has two children. He recently had his daughter’s child and has grandchildren.