Valley of The Wolves

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The character of Seyfo Dayi was played by Nihat Nikerel in the Valley of the Wolves. Seyfullah Yordem, also known as Seyfo Dayi in the underground world, is the best man of former tough man Duran Satiroglu. Because he is from Isparta, his nickname is “Güllü”.(Gul means rose, and Isparta is famous for its roses) Seyfo Dayi has gone on pilgrimage several times, but his main job is to smuggle rose oil to the Hijaz. After Duran’s death, he became the most loyal friend of Polat Alemdar, whom he knew as Emmi’s nephew and never learned his true identity. He is Gullu Erhan’s uncle. He has never been married and has always had a distant relationship with women. He is known for his fondness for mineral water. Polat Alemdar, Süleyman Cakır and Memati Bas; they have always ridiculed Seyfo Dayi’s coldness towards women.