Valley of The Wolves

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Who is Mehmet Karahanli in Kurtlar Vadisi? Watch Kurtlar Vadisi with English Subtitles for Free. Valley of the wolves all episodes with english subtitles


Mehmet Karahanli (February 5, 1940 – March 10, 2005) is the role played by Zafer Ergin in the TV series named Kurtlar Vadisi.

He is the chairman of the “Council of Wolves” and is the biggest mafia in the series. He is the biggest boss of the Great Middle East. He is a very intelligent and aristocratic character. He was announced as the new Baron in 1983. He could see 10 moves ahead when he was about to make a plan. Karahanli, who took the side of Masonic forces, successfully passed various levels and became the Baron of the Middle East.