Kurtlar Vadisi Episode 58

Valley of The Wolves

Kurtlar Vadisi Episode 58 with English Subtitles

Watch Kurtlar Vadisi Episode 58 with English Subtitles. Valley of the wolves Season 3 Episode 3 with English Subtitles.

30 year old secret in the black notebook…
Polat is bewildered and searches for his past among the pages of the will left by Aslan Amca.
Elif questions everyone in her life. “Everyone in my life is a lie!”
Hikmet seeks answers to the questions in his mind.
How will the balance be in Baron’s new council?
Who will be included in the Russian Council established against Baron’s council?
Both Polat and the police are after the envelope left behind by Aslan Akbey…
Who is the real owner of the trust handed over to Omer Efendi?
Safiye reunites with her mother after many years…
Elif and Canan are about to part their ways…
Husrev Agha’s most difficult day…
Elif’s tense wait… How will the results from the Forensic Medicine affect Elif’s life?
The veil of secrecy in the Valley is waiting to be lifted…

Kurtlar Vadisi Episode 58








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